PFG Music Services  
  Music Lessons
(in person or via "Skype")

What you can learn at PFG Music:

  1. Beginners (Keyboard and Piano)
    • Piano Adventures by Randall and Nancy Faber
    • Primer level through level 5, with plenty of supplementary books
  2. Royal Conservatory Theory
    • Rudiments, harmony and counterpoint (“Celebrate Theory” book series)
  3. Popular Piano and Keyboard Styles
    • Play from standard sheet music or learn to interpret lead sheets
    • What’s your main interest? Pop, rock, blues, jazz, new age, country, movie themes, broadway, gospel?
  4. Jazz Piano and Theory
    • Application of the most effective methods by the best authors and jazz educators
  5. Jazz Improvisation for All Instruments
  6. Modern Keyboard Harmony
    • Chords, inversions, voice leading, chord progression, voicings, harmonization of melodies,
      reharmonization, transposition, harmonic analysis of tunes
  7. Relative Pitch Ear Training
    • Play by ear, write your music down in notation
  8. Sibelius Notation Program